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Hi, I'm Kim.

Welcome to the place where I'm forced to awkwardly talk about myself!

Here's what you need to know about me:

In college, I studied Journalism. Got a fine piece of paper to prove it.

I took that fine paper out into the world and immediately fell into technical writing.

From there, I made my way to personal and professional blogging, then worked for two different agencies, then threw in a little magazine writing. Someday, when I have fewer little kids underfoot, I plan to get on the novel-writing train too.

So I've done a lot of dabbling.

And if I had to pick a favorite writing child, it would be writing for the web.

It turns out that web copywriting is a perfect blend of my skills and background.

...My start in tech writing taught me how to use words to get things done, rather than just to sound pretty.

...My blogging work submerged me in the internet world, and all the inner workings of that madhouse.

...My agency work taught me how to understand and help clients and, even more importantly, how to understand and help clients' clients.

It's just a happy coincidence that the world is (finally) starting to realize how much it needs qualified web copywriters.

And I mean: It. NEEDS. Them.

So basically, I'm here to help clean up the internet.

Just tell me where to start.



what I do

  • I've planned and written all kinds of email marketing campaigns, but I think I've learned my biggest lessons as a RECIPIENT of all kinds of email marketing campaigns. I pay attention to which emails actually get my eyeballs on them, which get a curiosity click out of me, and which drive me straight to Unsubscribe.

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  • Most businesses are happy to invest in a quality website, but when it comes to putting words on that site, they suddenly get the DIY itch. Out pour the longest, most tedious About Us pages in history, with homepages battered by cliches and calls to action that might as well say, "Exit this Website." This writing thing is harder than it looks.

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  • The feature writing I do currently is for BRAVA magazine, a local women's print magazine. I love magazine work because my black and white words get published next to someone's funky graphics and crazy-awesome photography...which means the pressure's even greater to get eyes on my writing. So, hot visuals, if you're listening: it is ON.

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  • I get so sad when I see businesses blogging just to blog. Because some smart-sounding article told them to. Blogging should be done with purpose. And, almost always, that purpose should be to address customer problems (including the ones they don't know they have). The #1 takeaway I want readers to get from a business blog post? "These guys GET ME."

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  • At this point, every business owner knows they're supposed to have a "brand." But many still don't totally know what that means or how to execute it. The big fish can hire fancy agencies to work their brand-y magic, but what about small-to-medium sized companies and start-ups? Ain't nobody got time (or money) for that.

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  • To me, web copy editing isn't just grammar and punctuation (although it amazes me how many sites still desperately need that). It's about building an experience that speaks to clients. What are readers looking for, and (here's the key) what words would they use to describe it? What are they afraid of? What do they really want (that higher level thing they can get through a product or service)?

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Work Experience

sep 2012 - present
Madtown Agency (web design/branding agency)
conversion copywriter

In my time at Madtown, I've written and ghostwritten countless internal blog posts, crafted custom site copy for client websites, and planned and written several client email campaigns. I've also developed messaging diagnostics for clients (copy strategy suggestions for rebranding) and designed a complete content strategy for Madtown itself.

sep 2013 - july 2014
Stephan & Brady (full-service marketing agency)
digital copywriter

I was S&B's internal content manager, which meant that I owned the agency blog and social media accounts. I was responsible for generating weekly posts, wrangling monthly internal guest posters, and representing the agency through a thoughtfully branded social media presence. One of the first things I did on the job was redesign and relaunch the blog, giving it an updated look that better reflected the personality of the company. In addition to my content management duties, I also wrote creative ad copy for clients, including content for print and online ads, advertorials, email and Facebook campaigns, company newsletters, and others.

mar 2015 - present
BRAVA Magazine (local women’s print magazine)
freelance feature writer

Freelancing for BRAVA has been an excellent addition to my writing life. Feature writing awakens my creative side and helps me get in tune with people--what they're like, how they think, what's important to them. Through BRAVA, I've become a confident, thorough interviewer who writes compelling stories of real people.

Fall 2014 - present
Madison Moms Blog (local multi-contributor blog)

I write monthly posts for a parenting blog. One recent post was published to Upworthy, reaching over 500,000 readers. I also took on the role of Project Manager for the blog, managing sponsorships and advertising with local businesses.

Sep 2007 - July 2012
Epic (international medical software company)
technical writer

This was my first big gig out of college, and it was a transformative one. Going through Journalism School, I had no idea I'd wind up in technical writing, but it ended up being a surprisingly great fit for me. I wrote how-to documentation and training manuals for complex medical software systems, transforming jargon-laced information from developers into easily digestible language for IT analysts...and, I promise, it was much more interesting than it sounds. Those 5 years taught me so much about choosing words wisely, organizing information, catering language to specific audiences, and writing with the true, earnest intention of helping people. Plus, I got to do some traveling for work, which is pretty darn exciting when you're 25.

March, 2012 - March, 2015
Personal Health & Fitness Blog

I ran my own health & fitness blog for 3 years. In addition to blogging almost daily, I created and managed my own self-hosted Wordpress site, worked with sponsors, generated ad revenue, attended blogging events, and earned leadership and guest posting opportunities. I also learned a crap ton about writing and formed a solid daily writing habit that still serves me well today.


2007 / JUN
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bachelor : Journalism

My Intro to Journalism course prided itself on knocking down the over-confident academic: almost all of us got D's on our first assignments. (Luckily, we "improved" so dramatically that we made it back to A's by the end.) My favorite and most memorable course: creative nonfiction.

2007 / JUN
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bachelor : Spanish

One of my Spanish professors once called me into her office to confront me about a paper I'd written because, apparently, it was suspiciously well written. (To be clear: I didn't cheat.) Too bad I could never speak the language as well as I could write it.


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It's rare to come across a talent like Kim. I've worked with Kim for the last 5 years to help us build out a content strategy for not only Madtown Agency, but for clients as well.  Kim isn't like most writers, who simply edit the content you give them or come up with content that doesn't get results. She has the guts to tell you what you need, even if it's not what you want to hear. If you value your brand's messaging and want effective copy that's delivered quickly with minimal revisions, you're going to love working with her. To put it plainly: if you're focused on outcomes, Kim will help create awesome copy that does its job by getting you more customers.

Jay Baron, CEO, Madtown Agency

Kim is a versatile, jack-of-all-trades type of writer. She is thorough and detail-oriented, which allows her to write sound, coherent and convincing copy; yet, when you give her a little room to be herself, is equally capable of writing in a wide range of different styles. Whatever the occasion, however, her own unique voice always manages to shine through in everything she writes, which is not always true of every writer. A quick learner, Kim knows what questions to ask, and when to stick to her instincts. She'll get to the bottom of every task and tackle it from all angles. She is also highly efficient and able to churn out high-quality work as quickly as it is needed. More importantly, while she's polished and professional, she is also a genuinely kind, fun and down-to-earth person - with Kim, what you see is what you get.

Jane Koh, Associate Creative Director, Stephan & Brady

Kim is a huge asset to our writing team. She is timely, talented, creative and detail-oriented. Her writing style is both professional and always interesting to read!

Alisa Sleep, Owner, Madison Mom's Blog

We love working with Kim Krueger. She's always on-time, on-target and accurate, and her dynamic pieces make for great reads. We appreciate that she always bring something extra to her assignments, too, especially when it comes to assigned pieces she's glad to dig in, do some research and suggest alternate angles - that suggests a writerly investment that goes beyond taking on "just another assignment."

Kate Bast, Editor in Chief, BRAVA Magazine