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I've planned and written all kinds of email marketing campaigns, but I think I've learned my biggest lessons as a RECIPIENT of all kinds of email marketing campaigns.

I pay attention to which emails actually get my eyeballs on them, which get a curiosity click out of me, and which drive me straight to Unsubscribe.

I've analyzed open and click-through rates. I've experimented with titling. I've learned how to make people read words like they're in a real conversation.

(...Which means writing half-sentences on purpose. And starting sentences with the word "and." And, sometimes, using all caps like a BOSS...)

As an email recipient, my BS Radar is on high alert at all times.

As an email writer, it's even more sensitive. I won't participate in wasting people's time and trashing their inboxes on behalf of a business I'm representing.

Emails should be meaningful, purposeful, succinct, and bulls-eye targeted, or they shouldn't be at all.

P.S. Want to see some emails & landing pages I've written for clients? Click below.

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