I get so sad when I see businesses blogging just to blog. Because some smart-sounding article told them to.

Blogging should be done with purpose. And, almost always, that purpose should be to address customer problems (including the ones they don't know they have).

The #1 takeaway I want readers to get from a business blog post? "These guys GET ME."

I started blogging with my own personal fitness blog (did you see my 20-minute at-home no-equipment workout?!?), then ventured into professional blogging through my agency employers and the local city Mom's Blog.


Here's where you can find some of my professional blogging work:


  • Stephan & Brady blog. I created this blog myself while working for S&B, and was the content owner for the duration of my employment. I blogged weekly, and also worked with internals to create guests posts (this involved either editing their work or ghostwriting for them). Go HERE to browse my posts.


  • Madtown Agency blog. I've worked as the agency's sole writer for over three years. There are just a handful of posts published under my name (like this one, this one, and this one), but the majority of the rest are ghostwritten by me.


  • Madison Moms' blog. I've been blogging monthly for this blog since the fall of 2014. Go HERE to browse my posts.


P.S. I am not currently taking on blogging clients. However, I'm available for content strategy consultation on a very limited basis.

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