Lioness Fitness :: Web Copy

The copy I wrote for Lioness Fitness was meant to be emotional and playful, while touching on all of the pain points women experience when they're considering joining a gym.

Here's an excerpt:

Lioness Fitness isn’t like other gyms you’ve been to.

First, we believe that bodies are amazing. All of them. Including yours, right now.

We want to show you what it can do, and then watch that knowledge change your life.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or aren’t when you walk in this door. You’ll feel like a badass when we hand you a barbell, a kettlebell, or some battle ropes.

And you’ll quickly realize that if you can do hard things here, you can do hard things anywhere.

We turn gym-haters into gym-junkies. We talk and laugh through every single class.

We dare you to NOT have fun here, even if you’ve never enjoyed a second of exercise in your life.

We teach women to move their bodies the way they’re meant to move, keeping you injury-free and strong in all the right ways as you navigate your daily life.

(If you wanna be playing tennis with your girlfriends in your 80’s before your afternoon Old Fashioned, the time to prepare is NOW, girl.)

Want to lose weight? Cool. Don’t? Also cool. We don’t assume, and we don’t obsess about it (trust us: it only makes the process worse.)

What we want for you, most of all, is to move better and feel better (physically and mentally), so you can enjoy life better, both now and later.

We’ve done our research, and we know what many fitness professionals are just starting to recognize: that every woman on earth would benefit from lifting weights, regardless of goals, lifestyles, and limitations.

We are proud to be a gym that cares deeply about women and strives to give them what they need to be the most energetic, functional, confident possible versions of themselves.

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