EAB Solutions :: Web Copy

The most challenging part of this project was digging deep enough to find EAB's true business and brand differentiators - things that would both set them apart from competitors and trigger an emotional response/connection in potential clients.

Here are a few examples of the web copy I wrote for EAB:

Doing Good Just Got Easier

Running a nonprofit is rewarding, but it's also exceptionally hard work, and it certainly doesn't come with a playbook.

With EAB Solutions, you have a partner who cares not just about increasing your revenue, but about giving you the freedom you need to make our world better.

We're passionate about helping nonprofits thrive, on a whole new level, through smarter financial and business decisions, and a uniquely holistic approach you won't find anywhere else.

As your impact spreads, we'll be in the background, tending to your organization's financial health: meeting (and exceeding) revenue goals, seeking and managing grant funds, maintaining sound financial reporting, identifying and mitigating financial risks, and making sure you stay compliant.

We'll also be continually looking for creative ways to do even more: to increase your efficiency, keep your employees engaged, and attract new donors.

Are you ready to jumpstart your vision?

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