feature writing

The feature writing I do currently is for BRAVA magazine, a local women's print magazine.

I love magazine work because my black and white words get published next to someone's funky graphics and crazy-awesome photography...which means the pressure's even greater to get eyes on my writing.

So, hot visuals, if you're listening: it is ON.

I'm comfortable with both long and short-form articles, I can dominate a profile piece, and I'm a thorough, confident interviewer.

I also love excuses to drink coffee with total strangers, so whenever that can be arranged, I'm all in.

(Skype coffee dates work too, but it's important to set expectations for the coffee part in advance. I once got reprimanded by an interviewee when she noticed my Starbucks cup on screen. Why did I have to taunt her?)

Like anyone, I love a good story. As a writer, I love that almost any story can be made into a good one with the right care and feeding.

I love that moment when your interviewee casually drops a perfect quote, and you scramble for your pen to note the time on your recording.

I love fiddling with punctuation and conjunctions and italics and synonyms until everything feels juuuuuust right. (And then pouting when my editor changes a comma before publishing...)

I love it when you're so engaged with your topic that the words just flow.

Really, when I think about it, my best pieces pretty much wrote themselves.

P.S. Check out my Portfolio to read a few of my BRAVA articles.

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