Armor :: Web Copy

With Armor's web copy, we needed to create urgency surrounding the importance of protecting clients' data. Their tone is designed to be strong and confident, to build trust with their specific audience.


24/7 Threat Hunting and Response Platform

1,200 organizations across 42 countries trust Armor to protect their data.

We don’t fear breaches or audits. We assume them. And with our best-of-breed technology and 24/7 expert monitoring, our clients get to relax and get back to work.



Cut Through the Noise

The average enterprise generates 2 billion cloud-related events per month. Alert fatigue and redundancies are rampant, and the threats that actually matter are being missed.  

Defend your data the smarter way with Armor. We’ll help you zero in on real threats and filter out the rest with powerful analytics, workflow automations, and the most advanced threat intelligence on the market.

Start your free Security Assessment to find out exactly what your network is missing, where you’re wasting resources, and how to bridge the gap from vulnerable to confident.


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